Why the iPad Pro 10.5 is my favorite!

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The iPad Pro 10.5 is my absolute favorite tablet period. It combines the raw power of the A10X with iOS 11, all in a slim and lightweight product packed with one of the best looking displays on an iOS product that rivals and matches the Mac line, even the iMac Pro! Check out why I think the iPad Pro 10.5 is the best iPad ever made!
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  1. I agree this is the best tablet by far however it's not smooth lol iOS 11 is a mess so I don't blame the hardware rather terrible software performance. The 120 hz screen is very nice just a shame the Vista of Apple OS being iOS  11 is still with us and still very buggy..

  2. I agree totally… Since purchasing the pro, I have sold my Dell Latitude notebook, and started using my 5s, which , with Facetime, remains firmly in my work bag at all times…

  3. I’m still in amazement with the iPad Pro 10.5: the promotion display in particular! In addition, I’m surprised that the screens also are capable of supporting HDR video: with a catch…

  4. I have a 10.5 too and its marvelous! It's super capable, especially with its multitasking. It's awesome to have two tabs open side by side and someone can sit beside you and independently browser the web (or use other app) with you. The speakers are awesome too, there's 4 of them and they're super loud and crips. But it's expensive af! Almost done paying it off with verizon, then I'm switching it to wifi only.

  5. It is kind of interesting how the hype for this great product was just forgotten, eh. The iPhone X became the predominant story, while the Pro 10.5 was just quietly great.

  6. Good video… but I hate it so much when people say the 12.9 is too big… man, you have got to mention that some people love it! I love freaking love the 12.9! Just so you know using the 12.9 to red your piano music sheets is one of the greatest feats of such a device. And man, artists using it to draw have such an edge on the smaller ones, I love it it’s a dream come true. And not to mention garage band wowwww to play the piano on it and r songs, it’s so awesome, and don’t forget gaming!!! And man, work productivity!!! Oh my GOD!!! The iPad Pro 12.9 is THE best purchase I’ve ever made

  7. It’s a dope tablet, also didn’t get the battery killing update as well. Everything from the iPhone 7 and it’s series got the update but not this tablet or the 12.9. However this tablet kills all tablets I’ve tried so far, gams on this are so good. It kills the 9.7 Pro as well. I have that one. Can’t wait to upgrade.

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