Why Does My iPhone Battery Die So Fast? 2. Location Services

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A former Apple employee explains why Location Services on your iPhone are a huge drain on your battery right out of the box – and how to fix it. Subscribe to Payette Forward for more awesome iPhone tips:

Location Services is what lets your iPhone know where it is the physical world, and it’s part of what makes it so great. For that reason, I don’t recommend you turn off Location Services entirely. I’ll show you the hidden services…


  1. I think you just fixed my problem! I turned on my location on Twitter yesterday, went to bed at 100% and when I woke up it was at 18%!!! I've tried everything but I'm pretty sure this was the problem! You're a genius thanks!

  2. guys pls help me. I probably have the shittiest iphone 5 in the comment section.Whenever i charge my iphone i have to adjust the cable so that it will charge.(i basically put a pencil on top of the cable) and this is annoying as fuck. 2nd, It dies so fucking fast. it charges to 100% really quick but dies so fast in the process. I was like 100 percent and with regular use, it dies at about 45mins.(amazing right?). can you help me with this problem? is it the charger or the iphone that's broken? (my cable is also fucked up). pls i need help guys

  3. I have my IPhone6s and for some reason its dying so much lately and when I charge it, it sends me a notification that something with the Cable and I never saw that and then I restarted my phone and it said the same thing and it charged super slow and it sometimes went down instead of more battery and Then I slept with 70 percent of battery and turned it on and had 22% is it draining cause it is or is something wrong cuz i dont even use it and its at 22%

  4. Just got new iPhones and I was very confused about many features on it. FINALLY, someone who explained, kept it in "layman" language and help me understand so much of it! Thank you from a non-techy person! So glad I found these videos.

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