Who Needs iPhone 7 AirPods?

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Axgio Wireless Earbuds (USA Link) –
Axgio Wireless Earbuds (International) –

The fully wireless earbuds might be a great alternative to the new Apple iPhone 7 AirPods. They are much less expensive, but how do they sound?

From the manufacturer –

Used as a pair or two exclusive earbuds

With the latest TWS technology, you are not only allowed to use the wireless earbuds as a pair, but also use them as two exclusive headphones.

Real cordless in…


  1. What is the video lag like though? I have a pair of JBL Everest 100 Bluetooth headphones. Decent sound quality (low end kinda lacking) but also there is a .25-.5s latency between videos and audio; meaning that video sound is good, but it's behind the actual video. Got em as a bday present so I can't complain too much…but JBL is normally a pretty reliable brand. So…..thoughts?

  2. If you go on amazon they have other brands that sell the exact same product. I bought the allimity pair and they work exactly like the pair Lew reviews in this video. Honestly, I threw away my iPhone 7 earphones to just use these they pack a punch and you don't even know you're wearing them.

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