What Is On My iPhone 5 – Jailbreak Edition!

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Here are some of my favorite free cydia apps & tweaks for the iPhone 5. In my opinion these are some of the best cydia apps and tweaks for iOS 6.

Tweaks List
Theme: Glasklart
Dubstep Carriers for Zeppelin
Zephyr – Paid Tweak
Custom NoNewsLabel
Camera Tweak – Paid Tweak, forgot to mention in video
Animated Battery
MultiIcon Mover
BytaFont w/ Boxii Font

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  1. jailbreaking can fix the back camera freezing/hanging? its all sudden. that night back camera worked fine. then day after that it suddenly black screen then freezing/hanging. but the front camera works fine. then i search, they said because of IOS 8.3. Help me please.

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  3. i tried downloading that nc ram and the ncsettings along with the theme for my ios 6 and the nc ram and the nc toggles doesn't seem to appear. how did you get that nc to look that way? was there something else >< mine is still in stock lol even with the theme of glasklart gui

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