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It seems that not a week goes by without new iPhone 8 rumors, but the only thing we really know for sure is that it was designed to run iOS 11. So, did Apple give us a few hints about the iPhone 8 when it introduced its newest iOS at WWDC?

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  1. Well all because thats the "Only Option" in the software that don't mean it is the only possible way on the iPhone 8. iOS 11 is not just one operating system, each OS is designed for each phone. iOS 10 supports TouchID but you can't find any TouchID menus or setup on an iPhone 5c as example. But it exists on iPhones that support it. All because an iPhone 7 running iOS 11 shows no Iris setup or prompts does not mean its not coming to iPhone 8 and vise versa, They can remove the fingerprint scanner and replace with Iris and the OS will only show Iris….

  2. What's the point of buying an iPad if multitasking is available on iPhone? They're trying to distinguish different products by exclusive software features, to show that iPads aren't just upscaled iPhones.

  3. I would say that IOS 11 was designed for the iPhone 8, not the other way around. But I guess you could say it works both ways anyway. I like the prospects of split screen, multitasking and iPad pro features. Then all we would need is the refresh rate and pencil compatibility. I think they will keep the finger print in the front, one way or another.

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