watch Girl, 17years Old, Auctions Her Virginity For IPhone 8 & Gets A Shocking Lesson

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Teen Trades Virginity For Expensive iPhone 8, Learns A Valuable Lesson Afterwards
17-year-old girl, nicknamed Xiao Chen, wanted the latest iPhone 8, which ‘all her friends’ have.

Chen then posted an indecent offer on an online forum, promising to give up her first time for a cash payment of 20,000 RMB in order to buy the iPhone.

It is actually Nana who found the offer on the internet and decide to teach the teen a lesson.

Nana, whose show focuses on exposing poor social behavior and…


  1. Regardless of the young woman's personal judgement, who in the hell do you think you are Nana? A one woman self righteous, moral justice individual? So glad to see the morales police alive and well. It isn't up to you, you nosy human to dictate to others what they choose to do with their life.
    This video has been reported, and am unsubbing. 🙋 zozo bs

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