Unlock Your iPhone 4S Without Jailbreaking Using the Gevey Ultra S

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A video demonstration of how to unlock your iPhone 4S without jailbreaking using the Gevey Ultra S. For more information see:


  1. Hi everyone, after AT&T had their data base renew, many websites are unable to unlock AT&T anymore, but there's still a website that will take action, go check out attphoneunlocking{.com}, they are definitely among the most reliable unlocking site among all the others.

  2. For anyone having difficulty unlocking their AT&T phones, you are able to have a look at attiphoneunlocking for great service, it's the most trustworthy unlocking site I've ever use, never took us more than 5 hours to unlock any of my phone.

  3. To all Ninjas, just to know, I know there are lots of unlock providers are scam on the net as im a telephone retailer and have a cell-phone store, one of the FASTEST and greatest site with great customer feedbacks over many was attphoneunlocking.[com] they provide factoy unlocks almost any iphone locked to at&t also the brand new 6and6+ in significantly less than 24h including work days and weekends.

  4. You can use this for any i.o.s.
    I got it, like ten minutes ago and my phone is already unlocked.
    I had an T-Mobile DE Lock, but after like two minutes it was unlocked.

    The price is 40 Dollars (28 Euro, i think?) i just bought it and im glad i bought it.
    And 40 Dollars is very cheap. Dont unlock your phone on these Fake IMEI Sites, just buy the Gevey S.

  5. I have been using droidunlocker.me on my iphone 5 and they just unlocked it for free. Glad I didn't have to pay money for? it. I am not one of those spammers I'm just giving some advice to everyone. just dont fuking pay, get it for free instead. AND FUK THOSE SPAMMERS

  6. ok, so i have done this like a billion times but it always end up sayin "no sim inserted!" anyone help me please! and the thing is that my iphone isnt activated yet! bought it from a chinese company cause it was cheaper but now i cant do a thing!

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