Trying the Razer Phone

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The Razer Phone is here but do you need a smartphone for gaming?
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  1. I've got the Razer Phone. Let me just say, the side bezels are thinner than iPhones. Compared them side by side. Also, I ain't even gonna lie the speakers are friggen amazing. I'm not an audio guy but after testing out setting etc I can tell they are way above anything else I've ever used. However, I do wish there was a headphone jack… Also man that 8gb ram is amazing. This phone will take anything I throw at it.

  2. This no headphone jack trend is getting out of hand. It feels like we're back in the olden days where sony ericsson ruled with their walkman phones, that had a proprietary headphone port. "dear tech manufactorers we get it bluetooth exists, but I don't want to pay a lot of money to cary a fucking dongle around!"

  3. The problem is if you have a case that covers the power button, then no fingerprint sensor. Even if the case does not cover the fingerprint sensor, if it is thick, unlocking your phone will be pretty hard. I'm just saying because I typically use big bulky cases

  4. Why do all people say it cost 699 dollars when it cost 749 euro? And you need to play headphones for like 100euro and all the other stuff in the box so its not cheap -.-

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