Top Stock Market Apps for Iphone and Ipad for Day Traders

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I am a veteran stock trader of 10 years. I developed the Fous4 strategy and I teach Day Trading strategies for beginner to intermediate traders. We have the most hands-on program as the Fous4 Team works hard for your success.

I focus on part-time momentum trading strategies including swing-trading and day-trading both long…


  1. Hi just looking to see,if you are totally new to stock trading what advise would you give me starting out,I really don't have any idea how it works,is it a massive gamble or can a learner actually make money
    If you could reply to me at some stage that would be great
    Thanks j

  2. I put up a post a second ago on this but I looked over the traders on and I have decided to work with you. Reason being the cost is affordable and you have you live streaming..(The best value) and I feel like I may have more opportunity to ask specific questions. I have never traded stocks only forex. But your analysis is easier to follow then Tim's and You are more on the buy side which I feel I may be more buy than sell myself. I look to sign up by tomorrow.

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