Top 50 FREE iOS 9.3.3 Jailbreak Tweaks!

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50 FREE & Awesome Tweaks To Install After iOS 9.3.3 Jailbreak. Top 50 List of Best FREE Jailbreak Tweaks.

Jailbreak 9.3.3 Here:

– iOS 10 Emojis:
– Anemone + Tutone Theme:
– LockHTML4 + Incepted Theme:
– StatusVol X:
– Date In Statusbar:
– DietBar –

– Wallpaper Used:


  1. I'm on the 10.2 jailbreak, can anyone tell me if Peek-a-boo is supported on it? I once installed a tweak which was only supported on 9.3.3 and that caused my device to be bricked, but I fixed it in the end. I just want to know if it works on 10.2 so I don't have to go through that process again.

  2. is it possible to change the quick message options that appear when you force touch and slide up a conversation in the messages app on 9.3.2
    i am currently getting the options: "Thanks" Thank you" "Ok" and Custom
    is there a tweak or whatever?

  3. For me, byta font three persists on me installing the byta font tweak mode. Without this it says I can't apply custom fonts. But, when I install this I loose my ability to use anemone. Is there something I am doing wrong or are the two incompatible?

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