Top 5 Video calling App for Android, IOS, MAC OS & Windows 2017

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In this video we are going to show you 5 Best Webcam or Video calling Apps that you can use on your Mobile Smartphones, Computers and other platforms.

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  1. wow this was really useful i agree! I definitely subscribed and can't wait to see more of your videos! I would love it if you could subscribe back and we can watch each other's videos 😀 thanks 🙂 #770

  2. Hey sub #763 & like # 54! Keep up the good work. I subbed to you and hit the bell too I hope it helps. Also I stay active if you want to support eachother ?? Thanks for ur time✌👊

  3. Nice video & very well put together! I am more of the card game stuff when
    I play games on my phone & just play most of the time when I am waiting
    for someone or waiting on an appointment. I will have to step outside
    my box & see about some of the games. I don't know enough ppl to even
    try the Hang outs one, sadly lol

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