Top 20 FREE Tweaks for iOS 11 Jailbreak (Install with CYDIA!!)

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iOS 11 Jailbreak Tweaks (FREE) Install Entirely On Device with CYDIA! Top 20 Tweak List & Repositories Below!

** YouTube: Jailbreaking is 100% legal under the DMCA. YouTube doesn’t understand that Jailbreaking is legal! **

► Jailbreak with Electra –
► Top Tweaks Cydia Tweaks:
► iOS 11.2.2 Exploit Released:
► Install Tweaks & Themes:



  1. I installed the jailbreak on my iPhone X on 11.1.2 and it seemed to install properly the first time but when I installed something like anemone i got stuck in a respring loop. Does anyone know how to fix this?

  2. iCrackUrDevice I need your help please I accidentally deleted cydia icon on my jailbroken device on 11.1.2 how can I recover the cydia icon back I try to jailbreak my iphone again again with the Electra and it said already jailbroken but I don't have the cydia icon it’s missing thanks.

  3. ICrackUriDevice what to do if when I install the tweak anemone, I have an infinite restart? And i need to reload iphone and delete anemone ( I have IPhone 7)

  4. Can you please make a Video of “how to install tweaks” and make it run! Currently I am using iPhone 5S and whenever I install tweak it doesnt work! Please help, I am noob. First time jailbreak. 😇

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