Top 10 iPhone 8 cases under $15 dollars (and iPhone 7)

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When looking at iPhone 8 cases, does a $40 dollar case do that much more than a case worth less than $15 dollars? Well, that’s the question that I’m going to try to answer today. For the most part, the answer is no.

The best iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 case under $15 dollars in my opinion is the Silk Innovation Base Grip. For $11.99, you get an incredibly textured case which improves the handling of your slick iPhone and it comes with a screen protector. All that for 12 bucks.

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  1. Hey Aaron. I like you videos, thanks. 

    Can you please advise iPhone X cases that have metal plate inside so you can use it on any car magnetic mount?  I found a few like Pitaka or new Evutec cases but they put the metal on the edges to not interact with wireless charging. I need like regular central metal plate to use with my old magnetic mount, dont care about wireless charging. Since you are a phone case specialist, please share a few options so I can preorder before the phone is out. Thank you !!!

  2. I got a Supcase (hybrid) at 6€. Found it on their website at 15€ lmfao pretty good.

    Got a silicon case too, reinforced at the corner for shock absorption. It has little cushion like corners that are higher than the case itself. Pretty good too. It was at like.. 1 to 2€

  3. I’ve been rocking the poetic affinity case on my last 3 iPhones and absolutely love the case. Drop protection superb, clear case doesn’t get scratched cause of all the lifted edges and it looks great.

  4. Now I know why you don’t review cheap knockoff cases? unfortunately amazon is flooded with these awful cases. But people are buying them it is incredible how many people will spend a ton of money on there phone and throw a $5 case that they ordered from somewhere in China that’s takes months to finally reach them. Then they want to show you it ?. Silk base grip is great for the money it costs, it’s definitely worth it. The silk pure view case you mentioned does it have any grip to it? Thanks for putting the time in on these not so good cases.

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