TOP 10 iOS 9.3.3 Jailbreak Cydia Tweaks – Part 24

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  1. i just wanna ask something else. i have now the first version of the ios 9.3.3 jailbreak. i wanna get the updated jailbreak now. if i update it whats gonna happen to all my tweaks?

  2. 1-Nightmode9 (dark theme for ios)
    2- ScreenLocker (lock screen with gestures)
    3- Meteor (weather on the weather app)
    4- FappSize (know the size of apps using 3D touch) custom repo in desc.
    5- Mutiny (mute people in messages app by sliding on a contact)
    6- SwitchServices (Swith from iMessage to messaging easily)
    7- TranspaprentVolume8 (transparent volume HUD)
    8- No Glint (remove glint from the slide to unlock text)
    9- ChargingDone (tells u when device is done charging)
    10- CCHide (customize control center by hiding specific elements of the control center)

  3. Tweak List|Like so everyone can see this!!!!
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    here's a video to get you started.
    NightMode9- Dark mode for iOS
    SreenLocker-Lock the screen and can't do anything on the device
    Meteor-Show current weather on the weather app, and lock screen
    Fappsize- Shows the size of the app(eg. The storage), using 3D Touch
    Mutiny- Mute messages from directly of the list of the messages app
    SwitchServices- switch iMessage and DM's from the send option
    No glint-Removes Glint from the lock screen
    Charging done-Tells you when the device is done charging
    CcHide-Hide stuff from the control center

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