Top 10 FREE GAMELOFT Games for iOS & Android 2018 (High Graphics)

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Many iOS and Android gamers have a love/hate relationship with developer Gameloft. Those on the hate side say the company is just ripping off popular console franchises, watering them down, and cashing in. Those on the love side insist that they’re bringing console experiences to mobile devices when few others are.

When we talk about mobile games the first company that comes to mind is Gameloft, not only by the number of titles that have been released but for the quality of them….


  1. I created a phillipeene (sorry idk how to spell that) account to get dead rivals, went through 3 account locks, to get a message IN THE GAME stating that it’s not ready to launch in my country 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

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