Top 10 Best iPhone & iPod Touch Apps 2013

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Here are my top 10 best apps for iphone ipod and ipad of 2013. This is part 1 of my monthly series.

1: Feature Points – Get Paid Apps For FREE!

2: Rise

3: Auto Care

4: Shazam
Free Version –
Paid Version –



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  2. If you read the certificate for feature points, you are saying that they can collect data on your apps that you use and what you send with the messages app. Even if you delete feature points, you will have to terminate your agreement

  3. Often I download a free app from itunes! so happy that the app is 'FREE'  but it ends that the apps is not really 'free'. it is like somebody  gives you a hamburger for free but you are aloud to give just a bite, for each additional bite you must pay $$. So not the all meal is free as written but just the first bite or trial.
    But wait! many app are really free! so there are Free app free, and free app which are just a trial or limited and so on.
    So isnt time to INTRODUCE just a 3rd category in the itunes? the TRIAL one. you cant call free an app that is limited and with the same name an app which is really and totally free. I feel cheated buy this. This sounds like a scam.

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