ToDoNotes 2 Best Free iOS 6 Jailbreak Tweaks for iPhone, iPod, and iPad

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Name: ToDoNotes 2 (iOS 6)
Repo: BigBoss
Price: Free

Add a note to your spotlight page. To activate simply go to the note you would like to assign and hold on the share button to pull up your options. Choose from clearing the current note being displayed in spotlight or adding a note to spotlight. In addition to this you are still able to use spotlight with this application installed as they run together within spotlight. Very useful to have a note easily displayed without going into the…


  1. Techmeout i have a question. Is there a cydia tweak where you can do multiwindow just like the galaxy note2? It is like you have two scrren on the iphone basically.

  2. yea at first i wanted that option too but now after using it i dont lol thats partially because it does what i need and i dont want the worry of editing the note by mistake within spotlight. maybe the creator could release the option to make a not editable if you choose for that particular note to be.

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