There Is Already A Problem With The iPhone 8

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There is troubke for owners of the iphone 8. Apple said that a small number of its new iPhones are suffering from an audio problem that creates a crackling or popping sound during phone calls in some instances.
The problem affects the new iPhone 8 models that went on sale earlier this month and has been reported by several users on online forums such as MacRumors and Apple’s support forum. According to some of the comments, the problem occurs during regular phone calls and Facetime calls,…


  1. Has anyone else had the problem of a pink camera? The front camera is fine but the back one has this weird pink filter with lines flickering…..had this phone for a week….immediately regret my decision.

  2. Same issue that I had on my iphone 7 newly purchased on August 27, 2017. Then I got a service replacement from apple “a remanufactured iphone” that has the same issue. with a wobbling mute button, dents on the side, ips lcd screen issue “warm display or yellowish”.

    Rotten Apple!

  3. Ha ha this is what it happens when you choose iPhone, when are yall will understand that Apple does not give a shit about their productd anymore i'm a samsung user and i don't have Any problema it all and i hope Yall learned the lesson.

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