The Secret of Monkey Island iPhone / iPod Touch Review

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TapCritic review of the app The Secret of Monkey Island .
This is a demo for the iPod Touch and the iPhone.


  1. gave it a thumbs down because of the review – that didn't give you much info – beside the fact it his favorite game.
    the game itself get a double thumbs up! you can switch between the original graphics from the 90s as well.

  2. yes both are included and you can switch from "new" to classic by sweeping two fingers on screen (even works in cutscenes) … I don't know if all features of the xbox360 are included, for I do not have a xbox system.

    The Inventory is with a button on the bottom right corner of the screen, and action icons are on a button on the bottom left side.
    hope it helps

  3. Wow. That is not a review. Sorry man but you are using voice change software so we don't hear your lame real voice while you go crazy about loving this boring old game.

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