The reviews are in for the iPhone 8/8Plus, Apple Watch Series 3 and Apple TV 4K (ABEC, Ep. 102)

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Is the Apple Watch that bad? Did Apple do enough with the Apple TV 4K? Are the new iPhone 8 and 8 Plus boring? We take a deep dive into Apple’s latest product line with the man who reviewed them for CNET, Scott Stein.

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  1. I love the Apple Byte Xtra Crunchy but WOW, BORING!….

    Please just keep it with Brian and Beechum doing the show. I''m not a fan of Scott. I simply do not watch his videos cause he is dull and outs me to sleep….

    —– Sorry guys just my thoughts and this was not my cup of tea.

  2. I have both apple tv not the 4k and fire tv and i tend to use apple tv much more bcoz of the tv app integrating better than the fire tv. Siri on apple tv is also great. Not perfect but better than alexa. Thats my take on apple tv. I hope you all enjoy your device whatever it is

  3. This is my first Apple Watch ill be purchasing and am really excited. LTE will help with gym workouts when I don’t want to carry my phone while working out and listening to Spotify….oh wait, is Spotify supported? Also, not having to expose my mobile device while at work and in class. Let’s see what the LTE service via Tmobile will be like in L.A.

  4. can someone explain to me how the apple watch works with music (on your phone) to bluetooth headphones? for example, if i'm at the gym and have a watch, can i leave my phone in the locker? does the watch (non LTE) relay the music (phone > watch > power beats 3)? or is that non existing feature and i still have to have my phone and watch near each other to hear music? thanks

  5. Error when talking about downloading iTunes films. Apple TV DOES NOT download iTunes films (it caches them) but that's all. it's NOT POSSIBLE to download a film onto a Apple TV (4K, 4, 3 or 2). The report was saying that you cannot download a 4K iTunes film onto your computer, iPad, iPhone etc. IT WILL allow you to download a HD HDR/DV version of it to the iPad Pro, iPhone 8/X etc but not 4K. Dolby Atmos would be great. Let's see if Apple do an update with in the next few days/weeks as so many people are complaining about the upscaling HD to HDR PLUS everything running at 60p and not having the option of auto switching to say 24p for film is upsetting a few! Can't believe when Apple have employed guys from Amazon & SONY AND have had 2 years to do this, that they've missed so much. It's so easy, you have meetings with all of the competition products on a table and compare & contrast and then build a better product. Maybe they are not interested because its not going to make them billions of dollars??? But in reality, if its not perfection then you shouldn't really put it out on the market.

  6. Brain… should know that no one has unlocked with a photo with the face recognition on the s8 or note8 after the launch….only at the demon…….in fact it can unlock in dark with pure dark skin person……..

  7. After looking at a note I’m ready to ditch a regular lcd screen and go oled but the price of the edge and the notch. If they had moved to a higher res lcd and trimmed the side and top bezel I’d be more inclined to go to an 8 plus and wait for the iPhone x-2 with 5g or gigabit lte

  8. My pastor at my Catholic Church just got his 8 Plus today. It’s a bit heavier. The only thing that makes it iPhone 8 and not 7S was the glass back, but that’s stretching it. It’s a 7S and Apple just wants us to not notice.

  9. That is the problem with all these watches. The battery. The more features it has the less the battery last. So having a watch that the battery is dead, is absolutely stupid. I had a Samsung watch that was LTE, it even had its own cell phone number. I truly loved it, but I had to recharge every 4 hrs. It turned out being a joke. For the money, and its actual functioning all these watches are a waste of time and money. Now I use a Garmin, which doesn't do a lot of things, but hey the battery just keeps on going. There really isn't maintaince with it and I can swim with, since it is waterproof.

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