The One Thing Every iPhone Is Missing!

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4K video capabilities on the iPhone 6S / 7 & 8 models is absolutely incredible. It’s sleek, crisp and just down right gorgeous. But sometimes you just need more space to store those juicy 4K files! No SD Card Slot? No Problem. Introducing the Kingston Bolt. Let’s do this!

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  1. Alex, I am an Android user but like to keep up with Apple products as well. That said, I have to say that this was a really well done TechFlow episode. Not only for the Kingston drive (which is so overdue it's amazing that it's finally here) but also the was you presented the video. It wasn't just your enthusiasm (which you always express) but this video really came across as a high-tech/high-quality production value video. Don't get me wrong, I think all your TechFlow videos are good but this one just seemed to flow like a well-oiled machine; perfect lighting, thorough knowledge of the product and great enthusiasm presenting it. Well done.

  2. Oh mann, I wished I was living in the UK. Can’t join the giveaway because of it. I’m an Iphone user and love apple but been thinking about switching to the Pixel 2 because of the lack of compatibility of transferring the photos I make to my (windows) PC. Wished I could join it but well, guess that’s not gonna happen ?

  3. Can you tell us about the format the „bolt“ can be formated to? Searching for expandable storage for my iPad Pro, which can handle exFat, in order to transfer files bigger than 4gb. Tried out some sticks you can find on Amazon, none of them worked for me. Thanks in advance, greetings from Germany. Keep it on!

  4. Two birds one stone- KSI xD loved the video man. What a handy little thing (always showing us handy stuff cheers bruv). Even tho I have the 64gb iphone 6. You still need more space damn it. Support you ignore the haters man. Hi from Greece.

  5. fact i have a windows pc and use my iphone 7 for videos for my youtube and plug mine in and its a easy transfer dont no why you are saying loads of folders to go in not relay you just open dcim videos simple iv never had any issues but i will give this bolt a shot and see how much better it will be

  6. I have to say you are wrong with the “until now” there has been a few products for Apple that does the same as this for a while now. There is a product called xpand that I have been using since the iPhone 6 . If Kingston just recently same up with this then they are late to the party

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