Testing the Lie Detector iPhone App! (Mystery Gaming)

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Gabriella tests the lie detector app for iPhone as her bother questions her!
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  1. Life Hacks

    1 you can wash your face with soap
    2 you can’t breath without breathing

    3 you can’t breath with your tongue out

    4 you just tried number three and you looked like a dog doing it

    6 now you are smiling because you just got tricked

    7 you skipped number five

    8 now you are looking for number five!!!

  2. My top ten favorite YouTubers

    1. The Skorys
    2.The Skorys
    3.The Skorys
    4. The Skorys
    5. The Skorys
    6. The Skorys
    7.The Skorys
    8. The Skorys
    9. The Skorys
    10. The people who have worked so hard to get where they are,, THE SKORYS!!!!!

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