Tech : Secret iPhone Feature

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READ ME FIRST: Yes, it’s a screamer; Original text: This is a really interesting secret feature (Easter Egg) put in by the programmers at Apple. Check it out, and forward it to your friends.

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  1. @jherndz22 Haha — I'm reading your comment — from a man who posts videos from "The Toledos {who} were a blessing on this Tuesday service at Oxnard Revival Center."

    Sounds like you didn't learn much going to your Oxnard Revival Center.

    Go pray some more, and try to be a good person, you hypocrite.

  2. @Westmananton Wow – you used the (not) phrase — almost as lame as this screamer video. Actually, that phrase is more lame. Really. Don't use the (not) phrase – that is so 'Borat' — and that movie sucked too.

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