STARTING YOUR OWN YOUTUBE CHANNEL | Filming with an iPhone + Tips & Tricks

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How old are you: 19
When’s your due date: May 23rd 2016
What camera do you use : iPhone 6 lol
What are you mixed with: black & Mexican

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  1. "Gyal me wann fi hold yuhhh" love the song. Really appreciate the advice, just wondering how you upload your videos looking soo clear? Just starting my off a YouTube channel with my girlfriends discussing current topics.

  2. I really love your videos I just watched about 4 and you made me even more excited about having my baby lol your baby bag was super cute too I'm going to steal your idea and do the baby name on the bag?

  3. I remember being subscribed to your juicycouture channel! And this video was very helpful. People always tell me to start a channel but I never know what to post so I just don't do it lol. But now that I know that you a actually film with your back camera its going to be easier when I do finally decide to start. I never wanted to film with the front camera because it's ugly lmao.

  4. Yeah I film with my iphone6 also but I recently got a really good lighting kit for cheap and it's amazing ! Lol but I have a bad habit of filming with my front camera 🙁 but I'm always nervous I'll be out of focus with the back camera plus I like to see myself ! Haha

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