Sprint iPhone 4S Unlock Process (EASY SETUP)

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How to Unlock the Sprint Apple iPhone 4S to be used on any non-US network with an international sim card.


  1. I personally usedhttps://twitter.com/c47617421456456/status/746591259595259904
    I was skeptic at the first but I recieved my code the day after as promised! I'm not one of those spammers, just trying to help out. Don't pay, get it for absolutely FREE!

  2. Marc Alexander — BUNCH OF BULLSHIT on that website — after enter every fooking thing — you have to take a bullshit survey at which time when yu are done its suppose to work — WELL IT DIDNT …. BUNCH OF CRAP… WHY DONT ANYONE JUST FESS UP AND HAVE THE BALL TO SAY HOW TO ACTUALLY DO IT FOR FREE….????

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