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f you get an Ordinal Error 2760 “libeay32.dll” error when executing Spirit.exe then do the following:
1. rename or delete the “libay32.dll” file in c:windowssystem32 directory.
2. copy the “libeay32.dll” file from the C:Program FilesCommon FilesAppleMobile Device Support to the c:windowssystem32 directory
This is an iTunes error not a Spirit…


  1. Thank You for the link to Spirit! It took getting my old Dell P4 laptop out and installing iTunes 9 to make it work, but the iPod G1 I bought at a Thrift Store is now Jailbroken. Whoo Hoo! Time to install some super old games/apps. 🙂

  2. Right im goin 2 use black rain , the only timee i would need to rebboot is if it died on me , and i would normally plug into my pc to charge anyway so clicking on blackrain isnt to much effort wats the prob? im a noob 🙂

  3. HELP…
    I did the JB thing… I have the coloured screen and the progress bar has gone all the way to the end… but there’s a white circling icon in the middle of the progress bar and nothing is happening with the fone – been about three minutes already…
    WTF is going on…

  4. @lakota123max
    Dude u r such an ignorant human being, i have paid for all my iphone all £600 not dollars but pounds and jailbreaking brings out a whole lot of stuff that apple locks away, jailbreaks opens doors for those who buy to use in other places especially when the unlocks come with it, so dude if u dont know anything bout jailbreaks, get offf

  5. @dawbrain That doesn't even make sense. Who's trying to steal "limelight"? I'm just spreading the word. I never said I made this. I'm letting people know it's released. Wow.

  6. hey bro ! UMM i opened sprint and was trying to jb 3.1.2 iphone 3gs but it just keeps saying " please connect device" when its plugged in and my itunes and autoplay even recognize it . and iv tried running as windows 98 95 and run as admin still nothing help

  7. @lakota123max fuck u u stupid dumb fuck piece of shit i hate when fucking losers think they know what there talking about and how they think your so smart. go fuck your self you were completely wrong with just about everything you said

  8. Hey uhm.. when i like get installous and stuff.. when i press search of something els .. it sais API Unavaileble , but sometimes it just works reguarly can someone help me please?

  9. All these people are dumb…theres nothing ILLEGAL about jailbreaking an apple product. Just know that youre voiding the warranty. Even though that doesnt matter…all you have to do is just restore your apple product back to the way it was before you send it in. I have done this many times.

  10. THIS IS AMAZING! I had originally the redSnow jailbreak on my 2nd gen ipod touch but the highest (UNTETHERED) firmware redsnow would let me go was 3.0, and there are alot of apps that requiuire higher the 3.0, this kep all of my music apps ect and gave me back cydi! Bravo!

  11. @PhilipTheCarrot you have to find appsync 3.1.2 on cydia and download that. also i don't recommend using install0us or those other installers, mainly because sometimes downloads are corrupted, and you can't download a . rar i think, which is inconvenient because that means its compressed (smaller size). i recommend ssh-ing with your ipod. it's way easier to download and install the apps. google "how to ssh" and then download .ipa, iapplications. ru and put them in the installous downloads folder

  12. @Carl7119 if you ssh it, you can backup the app folders you have right now. google: how to ssh if you haven't. then when you do that, google: how to backup apps via ssh. i'm pretty sure it's possible. then update, jailbreak, and put your backed up files back

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