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  1. Just wanted to say thank you for the giveaway. Real nice of you to give someone the chance to have the latest tech that may not be able to afford it. Good luck to everyone!!

  2. i never win in giveaway and i really want to win this and you do good video i want space grey bc that shit looks cool and awesome like i just want it so bad my birthday is soon just want to get new phone bc my is like 3 years old and i dont have money to buy new one

  3. Done doing all the instructions. I can't imagine what could be my reaction if I win an iPhone X or any of your giveaways. I'm just hoping that my religion won't be an issue for me not to win. Thanks a lot and may God bless us all! ?

  4. I love watching your reaction videos and I've watched basically all of them:) definitely my favourites are of Tessa lol. I think you're so generous of your subscribers and I would love to win an iPhone x because I never had a phone. Really hope I win thanks for being you!!!??

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