Sony XA2 vs iPhone Camera Comparison! Can a BUDGET CELL PHONE keep up? [4k]

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Today we’re checking out the cameras on the Sony XA2 and the iPhone 7 plus. Can a budget cell phone keep up with the twice as expensive competitor? Today we’ll find out by doing a cell phone camera comparison!

Sony XA2

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  1. Did you have it in auto the whole time? Because you can set the white balance to look much more natural. Set it to sunny and it will look so much better than auto sometimes. A lot of the time the auto white balance is too cool.

  2. Good review sir ! Overkill the super slow mo on the GS9 once you get it would love to see clean comparison daytime vs nighttime on super slow mo 960 FPS. Oh and yes the winner is the ip7 .. but still Sony was impressive for the cost .

  3. The Sony camera is miles ahead of 90% of the phones in that price range. Not fair to compare to a phone that is twice the cost, but it held its own! Richness in color and the microphone were the two weaknesses that keeps it from being on par with the iPhone.

  4. I’m not sure it is fair to compare a 2016 phone against at 2018 phone. In smartphone years that is a lot yet I think the iPhone 7 pulled it out. The iPhone 7 is getting long in the tooth.

  5. Hey, nice comparison. Could you please show when you will testing the Samsung S9 testing application for DJI OSMO mobile in the android version. I have heard many hatred about the application and the unusable DJI osmo mobile for android phones.

  6. Awesome comparison vid. There’s a weird blue tint to the Sony on the swing shot but after that it’s quite similar in quality iPhones edge Sony on that one but not by much.

    I’d be interested to see how Sony pair up with the accessories and peripherals like gimbal, drone apps mainly Dji. I don’t mind buying a dedicated device just for the gimbal and drone apps that’s more current than my 6+. My current phone is the iPhone X but it’s a PITA, for some reasons I always manage to get a call in the middle of shooting a vid

  7. Thanks very nice review just wondering if there is a way the do the comparison without putting witch is witch on the screen until the end and maybe a survey on witch you think is better. I find myself always picking ( liking ) the one i have or had at one point. Thanks Again

  8. It’s very impressive for the price, Sony’s sensor technology is way ahead of others, I really hope to see a crazy good low light sensor like the A7S on a cell phone soon! Great video !

  9. they were both really good but i think the iphone did the best especially because the colors were warmer and the sony was slightly over exposed in the extreme light but i'd be happy with either great vid btw

  10. I thought that the IPhone colour was more crisp … the Sony colour looked a little bleached ? ….
    Was this just me ??? Or was this due to post production ???
    Down Under Mike

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