Simple iPhone Hacks! Phone Hacks Everyone Should Know!

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Hey girl hey! Welcome back yall! Today I’m back with a hacks video!
I tried sticking to hacks that I’ve never heard of so I hope you learned something new! Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoyed! Also don’t forget to check out Julia & Joanna!

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  1. For he Siri one you have to tell her who you are first and then you can tell her who is your sister and who is you dad and stuff like that and then when you say 'call my sister' it calls whoever is programmed as your sister

  2. Karina Garcia, hopefully this doesn't come off as an insult, but I believe you were the only person who didn't know these simple tricks… I am dearly sorry for causing you any trama, (If any) and apologize if this comes off as offensive. I love your channel to bits though! Have a lovely rest of your evening, day, or night!

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