Should You Still Buy iPhone 7?

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Should You Still Buy iPhone 7? – Have you been wondering if it is still worth it to buy the iPhone 7? In this video I will share with you my experiences and thoughts using this device to help you make this decision. The Apple iPhone 7 was released in September 2016 and is going on a full year old now. The device launched along side the iPhone 7 Plus with an Apple A10 quad core processor and 2GB of ram. The intentions of this video is to help you decide if you should still buy this phone now…


  1. The iPhone 7 is beginning to become quite a bit stale in the market place when it comes to the design and screen. However, this phone is still selling like hotcakes and many have been wondering if this is still a good purchase and will continue to be one! In this video we learn more about that let’s gooo!!!

  2. I just purchased the iPhone 7 again. Downgraded before to the se because of design and one hand usability. But I'm starting to struggle with the small screen as far as visibility. So onto my second tenure with this phone!

  3. I've been with Android for years. But there system update messed up my note 4 which I've had for less then 2 years. Soo sick and tired of Samsungs crap. I'm getting the iPhone 7. Never had an iPhone,so I think this will be ok for me.

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