Should You Buy iPhone SE in 2018?

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iPhone SE Discounted Price:

Should I buy iPhone SE in 2018? This is a video review attempting to answer that question for you guys. The intentions of this video is to give you the information that you may need to help you to decide if you should buy an iPhone SE in 2018 and if it offers enough value for you to snag one at a lower price.

iPhone SE vs Honor 7X:

Should you buy iPhone 6S in 2018:…


  1. I think they should just make it slightly bigger, but keep the same design ie square corners and metal back with glass parts at the top and bottom. Improve the camera on front and possibly the back, updated flash. Improve the hardware A11 chip and upgraded an cpu. Improve the battery and speakers. But keep the iconic design and headphone jack. No more than 400 dollars or pounds.

  2. Has anyone else noticed the screen lines on their SE, mostly noticeable on gray backgrounds? I've seen it on multiple SE's and other IPhones like the 5s and 4s as well. There are also some forum mentions about it. Once you see it, it's hard to ignore.

  3. The SE camera isn't weak, just because it's 1.2 Mega pixel, it doesn't mean it takes bad selfie, it takes better selfies than all of the other similar priced phones in the market

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