Shinecon 3D VR Glasses Virtual Reality Helmet for iPhone 6 Plus Samsung S6 4.7″ ~ 6″ Smartphone

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  1. Sir I want to bought this vr but I have some issue……I don't know that this VR headset have quality lenses or not…….. because in vr headset is all about it's lens quality……..sir plz reply

  2. How do you control google cardboard apps? I don't see the standard magnet on the side required for all cardboard apps which mimic touching your screen and making selections? Without it it seems like this VR device would be severely limited. Please let me know because I really like it but would hate to buy it and find out it has no ability to control my cardboard apps from Google play store.

  3. is with this shinecon headset you still see the black border (edge) around the screen?

    I have bought Riem 2 headset and I was very disappointed because the black border around the screen, feel like watching video in cinema. not enter to the video 🙁
    far better use a regular google cardboard .. 🙁

    I use a 5.5-inch smartphone.

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