Secret Lighter WiFi JAMMER! Kingsman 2 Works on iPhone / Android (Newest Version) How To

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Please watch: “World’s Smallest Flare Gun! (Actually Shoots!)”

This secret lighter WiFi Jammer can Deautheticate (disrupt networks), send out a beacon of FAKE WiFi networks names for fun, as well as CLONE existing network names so people won’t know which one is real! It can also RANDOMIZE networks to really confuse people! Don’t use this in…


  1. I'm reading a lot of comments about this not technically being a Jammer. Think of them like being super LOUD to drown out all other noise. They're expensive and HIGHLY ILLEGAL.

    The WiFi Internet ESP8266 hack is more useful because it has more functions. Deauthenticate, Beacon (SPAM NETWORK NAMES), Clone (create false copies of the same network name, and Probe Request. Plus this IS LEGAL if you only use it for network testing and on equipment that you own.

    Basically if you bring this to a coffee shop (that you don't own) and mess with people, then you're breaking the law. You've been warned.

  2. So, what i dont understand is that what happens when you put it in the lighter, is it just a storage or what? Also, the micro board, do i need that if i have the large one? Finally, what is the battery for?

  3. What about building a burning laser into one of those? It's got that whole other side that could be drilled for a heatsink and laser element. The back looks like it would fit two of the battery that you used here. That's more than enough to power a high power laser diode. Current limiting could be taken care of with a simple resistor in line with the battery. Focusing could be done with a 3D printed knurled knob on the lens assembly. That way you could light things on fire at a distance too. That said it should probably have a safety lockout switch so that you can't accidentally fire it because the consequences could potentially be pretty bad. I think it's a good idea that would be as fun as it is useful… In fact I'd be willing to bet that people would buy something like that for a premium… I would…

  4. i really like what u are doing i am studying software engineering and i really feel sad cuz i can't afford to buy. the tools and even if i can the government stops the product so you must go and answer why you buy it then pay tax again and you take your tool there are a lot of steps here and i ve tried to make my own cool gadget inspiring from your ideas thank you very much

  5. A ligher could double as a flash drive, lazer pointer, radar detector/jammer, phone power bank, wi fi Hotspot, flashlight, hidden camera with audio, wi fi booster, tazor/stun gun, mini flame thrower, survival kit, gps tracker, personal alarm, wifi cloud storage, secret compartment, smoking pipe, vape pen, Bluetooth/wi fi speaker, remote for a drone/car/garage/home. The list goes on

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