Samsung Galaxy S8+ vs iPhone 7 Plus – Battery Life Comparison

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  1. I bought a brand new s8+ , my sis did too after recommending it. Battery life sucks. Charges fast but you can see it go down to the point where it gets you annoyed. I love the phone but you'll never put it on the highest res and battery will drain like a bitch on you

  2. Thanks but your conclusions are based on the lack of even basic Marin analysis. One battery is 3500 the other one 2900. From that alone the Galaxy should last 20.7% more than the iPhone. That is not the case, so the iPhone was more efficient. That is not important , but you did mention it, and did so wrong. Fred's video , it's just a grace in the end I am giving it s like

  3. I dont why iphone wont give us 2 day battery life like example
    -wifi upto 20 hours
    -3G upto. 18Hours
    -LTE upto. 18 Hours
    -videoplay back 18Hours
    Looks like will get this battery life in 2020 iphone

  4. Any android will beat the iphone easily at launch, do this after a couple of updates and you'll see how the samsung lost half the life because of the shitty job the carriers and samsung do for porting.

  5. I am impressed. My galaxy s6 battery was so bad for my standards that i had to switch to a 7 plus and fell in love with the battery. To know the s8 have an even better one, sounds tempting

  6. I'm torn between which to get because Samsung always tends to have alot of bloatware and the phone dies withoit being used. Yet it looks amazing and does have some capabilities such as external storage and fast charging.
    But the iPhone is clean gets the job done always organized and doesn't have any bloatware and is really good at not dying while not being used but is limited to what it will let you do.
    One dies before I get to fully enjoy and the other stays alive long enough to get bored.

  7. My S8+ battery is drained withing 5hrs of continuous use (screen set to 1080P) watching YouTube on LTE, brightness set to 50% and connected to Bluetooth headphones. so in the end this what you get not 15 or whatever hours claimed.

  8. i.m getting about 5-6 h of screen on time on the s8+ with most of the features turned off gps,nfc,4g (i'm absolutley fine with 3G) My girfriend gets home with about 65% and i get home with about 40%.we use our phone about the same so what gives?

  9. At 2:33 you said that the 7 Plus is already older. To make the test as consistent as possible, you should've used a brand new 7 Plus since you were comparing it against a new S8+.

    Not an accurate test imo.

  10. Can you please tell me what is standby time of S8+ because i have both Iphone 7 plus and S8+ and s8+ doesn't even come closer comparing to iPhone 7 plus battery. Please respond because i still can return my s8+. Thank you.

  11. I upgraded from the iPhone 6s Plus and I feel like it had better battery life than my s8. I've fixed a bunch of stuff in the settings, so I have no idea what it is that's killing my battery. I usually have to charge it once during the day.

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