Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs iPhone 7 Plus – Gaming Comparison! (4K)

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs iPhone 7 Plus Gaming Comparison.

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  1. iPhone 8 has less pixels than the S8, it will obviously run better on games. But oh well, keep defending shitty overpriced phones.
    Not to mention the battery life on the S8 compared to the iPhone 8 and the fact you can tweak resolution for gaming performance and maybe outperform the S8.

  2. seriously u cant compare the power of gaming with both of these phones by how huge the bezel is..everybody can tell that note 8 is better bcs it looks bigger that iphone 7.. try iphone X vs note 8 and that will probably make it much more fair

  3. Thing is smartphone hardware specially the gpu are barely pushed to the max, most of this games should run at 60fps on a Galaxy Note 3 with optimizations.

    Then switch with 4 Cortex A57 underclocked to near 1Ghz and a 256cc Maxwell gpu also running at low speeds is already destroying any smartphone game in graphics.

    Tell a game that could compete with Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Zelda BOTW or even Splatoon 2.

  4. In long term the IPhone 7 Plus is going to better at playing games. Now it's a tie but in a year the IPhone 7 Plus is going to be the better one because of much better optimization.

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