Samsung Finally Reveals Its Answer to the iPhone X

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At the Mobile World Congress on Sunday, Samsung announced the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+.

The overall design of the phone hasn’t changed much from the Galaxy S8, but the camera quality has improved considerably. With hopes of being recognized as the best smartphone camera, much of the Galaxy S9 announcement was focused on the improved dual camera with a wide f/1.5 aperture, which can take sharper photos in tricky low light situations than previous models.

“The way we use our smartphones has…


  1. Nah I’m sorry we had to wait the s9 to have all that ? Cmon I agree Apple didn’t make progress like Samsung but man … new emojis ? Finger prints? That’s all you can do ? I can’t call this unique if they just do what Apple already did they did made an impact not like Apple those years but I need more to be impressed.

  2. Tell ‘em to make their own operating system, iPhone X all the way!!! People talking shit about the iPhone X don’t even own one. Best phone I’ve ever had. Now if you really like android I think Samsung is one of the best there. Clean phone

  3. Lets be honest, the iphone is only for millennials …. because facetime is the best thing ever to us😂😂 everyone knows an android is technologically better but the iphone is socially friendly, something the android isn’t 😂 …

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