remove iCloud and jailbreak iPhone 4s/5/5c 100% real 2016

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Bypass iCloud iPad by Resistor:

Hi guys, in this series we will show you how to bypass icloud, activate and jailbreak iphone 4, 4s, 5, 5c, with a motherboard of a iphone4.
must be dismantled (desolder) the memory of the iPhone 4 and that of the device to unlock (iPhone 4s / 5 / 5c).
thanks to the processor and the old connector have gained access to the memory without problems.
My team used the exploit limera1 ssh.jar and WinSCP to remove the file in the…


  1. Prosím pomozte. Co přesně mám vyměnit žetony v iPhone 4S? Chcete-li provést hardware unclode iCloud iPhone 4S. A jak to bude, protože programování IMEI. A jakou teplotu pomocí pájení? Děkuji moc za odpověď. čestně kramiro

  2. i'm trying to open my iPad 2 (wifi only) i found a way that i have to use iPhone4 motherboard and connect it with iPad nand HDD by Wires, then i will change the IMEI and serial of iPad which will unlock icloud,

    So, i have the programs for that and "iphone4 motherboard" but i don't know what kind of cabels that i should use to connect iphone4 motherboard with computer.

    any help please ??

  3. thanks T86 team , I was able to unlock an iphone 5s with 64bit Limera method and an iphone 4 motherboard ( very last model produced 32 gb ) .
    the operation is very complicated
    It seems strange but it is not. why is the 64-bit operating system , not memory . and the iPhone 4 is able to read the memoirs of 5s why are the same as the 5 .

    Now I have a problem , I get 3g but I have not the active opratore , why? can it be solved?
    Thanks again.

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