Remote Play PS4 Games On iPhone and iPad

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Remote play your PS4 games to iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with the R-Play app for iOS!
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  1. For those wanting to use your PS4 controllers and you're at home, you can just connect your PS4 controller to the PS4. Sign into your main PSN account with your PS4 controller and use your iPad/iphone to remote play to a second PSN account on your PS4 (make one if you don't have one, it's free and easy). This will basically turn your iPad/iOS device into a monitor for gameplay. This will only work if you're near the PS4 though since the controller is connected to the PS4 and not the iOS device.

  2. If my PS4 is connect with LAN ,but my iPhone is connect to another Wifi, will it work . Because I just download this app and I do this ,but isn't work . Hope you can reply my comment !

  3. I need help every time I put name correctly and also code correctly and even tried the manual registration and did the same thing but with the IP address it says ps4 could not be found

  4. I saw the gamesir G3 controller has r3 l3 and is most like a PS4 it's not for iOS but I saw their is an app you can download to make it work with iOS. If I do that should it work with r play ? I'm not sold on the controllers you recommended just yet because of the lack of l3r3 but if that's the only option I'm going to order one. Please help with my questions and thank you for the great video

  5. So if I go through the hassle of hooking up the PS4 controller to my iPhone I will only be able to use the controller at home with my iPhone ? I don't remote play at home just when I'm on the go

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