Plug-ins & EQ – GarageBand for iOS (iPhone/iPad) Quick Tip

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Covered in this Quick Tip Garageband for iPhone Tutorial:
– Plug-ins and EQ in the new version 2.2
– Adjusting plug-in settings
– Using the parametric EQ
– Adding in new plug-ins
– Using third party AU (Audio Unit) plug-ins


  1. Thanks Pete,
    Great video, I'd never seen this audio recording panel on my iPhone – only the one with the silly phone dial! When I opened up garageband I went to the audio recording screen and there it was, as seen on your vid!
    I get that the lowdown on the workings of compressors is available on the web, but as for the new gb specific controls like the pitch control and enhance tuning control…. absolutely nothing that I can find! It's a wonderful smart app but we can't be expected to just guess how to use it! Whatever happened to user manuals?
    I guess I'll have to experiment and pray I don't ruin any work I've done so far!

    Are there any links to such information?

    Thanks again!🎹🎸🎧🎀🎷🎺πŸ₯

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