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It’s paintball time!

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  1. I have an idea for a better way to play the normal paintball game:

    Basically combing the technologies and equipment of laser tag with the equipment of paintball.

    Like put sensors all over a paintball players body, maybe part of their paintball armor, maybe just put as a layer over their paintball armor. Whenever a paintball hits the player the sensors detect it and audible sirens go off for a few seconds and mini led strobe lights bulbs or strips on the armor or sensors go off when detected of a hit.

    The mini led strobe lights on the armor go off for 30 seconds and end after the 30 seconds is up.

    After each hit of a player, that player who was hit has 30 seconds before they can be hit again. No hit on that player counts until the 30 seconds is up, which will be apparent once the led lights stop flashing on that paintballer's body.

    Also, the player who was hit can't shoot his paintball gun until the 30 seconds is up. The gun will be hooked up to a lock that is attached to the gun whenever he gets a confirmed hit by the sensors and is unlocked after the 30 seconds is up.

    The player who was hit can move around and so can all other players, but that player can't have a confirmed hit on themselves until the 30 seconds is up. Once the 30 seconds is up a player from the enemy team can hit them again and it can be a confirmed hit. And the hit player can also shoot his paintball gun again. And the process will repeat until 5 hits.

    The little strobe lights on the armor will flash like yellow or orange or blue, one of those colors, whichever is best to see, for the first few hits.

    Once a player gets hit five times that player is out.

    On the fifth hit, the strobe lights light up as red on their armor, which is on their body. The red flashing led strips or bulbs of lights would indicate that they are out and not part of the current game. Just like in laser tag there would be a computer that the sensors would send this data to once a player is out .

    They have to run and get off the paintball field in 30 seconds or a minute at most or their team automatically loses. They would also have to press a button or walk through sensors (whichever one the games referees choose) within those 30 seconds or a minute at the home station to prove they are off the field.Their vests of armor or sensors linked to the computer would recognize them uniquely just like in a laser tag game and they would be the only person able to press the button or walk through the sensors. The computer would be counting down from the time they got hit the 5th and final time.If they don't press the button or walk through the sensors in that 30 seconds or minute their entire team automatically loses that game or match.

    There should be a referee monitoring watching the game and computer to make sure it is being played right. There can be cameras (if there aren't already cameras on paintball fields) and screens back at the home station where the referee can watch the match and see when someone gets out, both on screen and by the computer monitor scoreboard screens.

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