Overclocked GPU samples, iPhone 7 design, Autonomous Drones

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MSI and ASUS address the controversy surrounding their “overclocked” review samples; Apple will stay with the iPhone 6S design for the iPhone 7; Airobotics’ Optimus is an autonomous drone that can switch its own battery. Plus, Shorter News Stories Said More Quickly Than The Others!

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  1. Will my house robot maid be able to receive the G-Skill keyboard via air delivery from an autonomous drone? We only let Rosie the Robot play games during her off time and she needs a G-Skill to get her kill ratio up to qualify for Skynet Academy entry.

  2. Better reviews by card reviewers = more sales , even if the cards performs less than what was advertised in the review on youtube ,why would they care they are simply milking the money cow while making a fool of you , this is also known as fraud

  3. The new format is great, excellent edit / timing from this whole video. I really appreciate that you don't seem to underestimate the audience. "I certainly hope so,,,,,, eyes closed" The card setting thing seems no biggie since you can use the included software to fiddle with it (if i understand correctly).
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    N.S.M.Q.T.T.O. (news said more quickly than the others)
    Shorter News Stories

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