Note 8 vs iPhone 8: Best Video Quality? [Poll] Reupload

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Note 8 video quality vs iPhone 8 Plus. The iPhone’s color processing was usually a bit closer to reality BUT they way overdo it with the contrast and clipping the highlights. The Note does a great job but none of the colors are close to reality. But it’s all about preference! The Note 8 does better with exposure and dynamic range!

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  1. Yes, this is a re-upload. YouTube messed up the monetization and have not been able to fix it for whatever reason. So here it is again. Hopefully this time I won't run into the same issue. This video is entirely family and advertiser friendly.

    And yes, the iPhone's colors more closely resembled reality but APPLE RUINED the heck out of a potentially good thing by WAY OVERBLOWING highlights and adding WAY too much contrast. So even if Apple's is technically more "true" the Note at least looks RIGHT in its color processing – even though it's not accurate to reality!

  2. That such shitty work for Erica Griffin to lie and cheat and change the note 8 camera setting and claim that's the best video capturing it can do when the note 8 makes the Oled screens and lcd screens for the iPhone. Then claim the camera is better when clearly Erica changed the setting on the note 8 she changed the white balance and the exposure easily spotted.

  3. That's total bullshit these damn unfair racist phone people The note 8 DOES take better pictures then the iPhone 8 plus. I know this because Samsung makes the oled and lcd screens for all Iphones. Also how can a phone that isn't quad hd create a better resolution when your looking at a display at ppi 326 ppi which isn't even full hd and the note 8 has a ppi of 521

  4. Had a Note 8 and switched after a week to the 8 Plus. Im a photographer and the color accuracy of the iphones display and also the photos / video ARE in fact much more realistic especially when viewed on a calibrated monitor. The processor that Apple has just gives it a huge leg up when it comes to video and photo shooting/processing

  5. The Note 8 is really bad. I’m surprised at how poorly it performed and not in the same sense as you and most people’s view. The images are hazy, dim, muted and other worldly in color representation. I hope your face isn’t that pasty as the note removed the naturally occurring highlights. Resulting in a flattened image that’s too unrealistic. The iPhone 8 images are more artsy. Sort of what I try to create in my art. The naturally occurring highlights, the sharpness and vivid true to life rendering reminds me of some of the super 8 movies and Kodachrome slides I shot in the past. The imperfections are what made some of my early photography timeless. It’s like Impressionists did in the early 19th century. Capture the light and air in the scene. Ironically, they left realism to photographers and the romantics. They’d often paint the same scene at different times of the day. One in the morning and another at night, for example, and the viewer could see and feel the difference. The Note 8 is missing that aspect in pursuit of high dynamic range. Their image is flat and lifeless and just too drab. I see the same issue with Google Pixel images. Technology is sucking the life out of the images. Apple is doing it right in my mind. When I view an image and can feel what it must be like to be there, that’s a connection I appreciate and want more of. I don’t get that from the Note 8 or Pixel images. But that’s just my take. I’m a guy who still does B&W street photography on my Minolta X-700 film camera. I also shoot with current Nikons, but I still love to use my film cameras.

  6. In most scenarios the Note 8 lacks colour and contrast. It tends to loose detail in low light too but it does fair better in some of the road trip sky footage. I think people need to go buy new glasses if they think the iphone was bad, for me it won this test.

  7. I have a question. I just purchased Note 8 and have noticed that after I record videos, and try to send it through text message, I have noticed that the video quality isn't the same as the original video. How do I fix it or can I?

  8. Both have areas where they look better or worse, and some that are very close. Overall, the iPhone images seem cleaner with less wobble, but the Note 8 does really nice close ups and colours feel a bit more natural (odd, since Samsung used to be over saturated).

  9. This would have been VERY interest if we had a Google Pixel as a reference camera. What do I see from each company? Apple is clearly still a newbie when utilizing always on HDR. The Pixel 1’s EIS video stabilization blows Apple video OIS out of the water. Samsung OIS cannot match Pixel 1’s EIS. Too much artifacting when shooting video in the car. Does almost as good a job with light exposure; Pixel still rules both with night shots.

    It’ll become interesting once Apple perfects always on HDR /HDR+.

  10. I think the subject of what your shooting really shows the strengths and weaknesses for either device. If you are recording people, clearly the Note 8 wins. Look at Erica at 7:50 and which do you prefer? Blown out highlights making her look shiny (iPhone) or soft (Note 8). I think most people are shooting people with a cell camera and would prefer better looking shots of people. Landscape shots are personal preference. The iPhone looks too sharp and contrast too high, IMO. The gap is close and you are going to enjoy whichever device you get.

  11. You are quite right Erica, those blown up contrasts and highlights from the iphone doesn't look that good.
    I have to agree with you that the note 8 does look better. It almost look cinematic to me!

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