No Cell Signal? Turn Your Phone into a Satellite Communicator! – Spot Connect First Look

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Tweet from the middle of the woods or check-in on FourSquare at the top of a mountain! The Spot Connect turns your iPhone or smartphone into a satellite device, bypassing the typical antennas you won’t find in the desert or while camping. It’s a fun device that could also save your life with its distress and SOS functions.

Product Name: Spot Connect
Company: Spot
Expected Price: $150 plus annual satellite subscription fee
Expected Availability: February 2011

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  1. New to sailing. I got a question. So if I tend to sail out in the ocean, my galaxy S5 which is water resistant from Tmobile and they don't charge roaming fees isn't enough? I need to get a satellite phone or what? Responses much appreciated.

  2. I used this for a year and just switch to sat phone, pairing to phone is sketchy,you are never 100% sure that the black box is doing what it is supposed to do,confusing led status. Go with either the gen3 or the global phone

  3. Frankly, am not that happy with TEKHD #CES coverage. They could just sit and talk about everything at #CES for one hour, instead of these small stupid videos which don't actually cover everything.

    btw Video ends 1:50

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