New Keen-Lab iOS 11.1 / 11.0 JAILBREAK For 64-Bit Devices (IPA) DEBUNKED

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In today’s video we’re debunking yet another hoax, but this time they’ve gone to a completely different level, ripping off the Keenlab website including the #Keenlab Team, their ongoing and completed projects and all the conferences they’ve attended. Can you believe scammers have actually gone as far as buying a new domain to make it look like Keenlab’s website?

Well, I certainly can believe. It is not the first time a Jailbreak team gets ripped off by scammers who wanna make profits on…


  1. I hate Fake Keenlab!

    I'm using iOS 10.3.3 on a iPhone 6S.
    You are doing such a good job here with your videos!
    You explain that so easily and well that everyone understands it.
    keep it up! ??????????

  2. So I'm running a jailbroken iPhone on 10.2 and I am wondering if you think there will ever be an iOS 11 jailbreak? A lot of people kept claiming that an iOS 10 jailbreak was never going to happen and be virtually impossible, yet it did eventually come out. However, it took a while, and it isn't a fully untethered jailbreak. So it almost seems as if it was a very difficult jailbreak. That makes sense. The more things Apple patches, the harder it becomes to jailbreak. I want to update so I can pair an apple watch, because I can't pair a new apple watch at the moment. I don't want to lose my jailbreak either, especially if iOS 11 jailbreak never happens. I am almost afraid that I might be on one of the last, if not the last good jailbreak. What is your opinion? Or is there a way into thinking the apple watch app into letting you pair?

  3. Okay I know there's no 10.3.2 JAILBREAK out right now. There are many jailbreak teams out there that have tested it and has it but did not release it. All these youtuberrs talk to them and mention " they don't plan on releasing it SOON" but they don't say they won't . So any idea on how long we're looking at for a 10.3.2 JB TO come out?

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