New iOS 11 Screen Recording Features!

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How to record screen in iOS 11! Hidden iPhone & iPad screen recording features in iOS 11 beta are best! Want to record your iOS 11 screen with iPhone 8, 7, or 7s? Here’s a How-To! Other devices compatible as well in iOS 11 screen recording! New & hidden features in iOS 11:

WWDC 2017 brought the new iMac Pro, iPad Pro, but not the iPhone 7s or 8, instead we have iOS 11 and a variety of new & hidden features! Apple’s iPhone 8 and iOS 11 features are almost here, but…


  1. Well I have a problem, so I turned on the microphone in the screen recording, started recording, and finished. When I checked it out in Photos it was all good my voice over/microphone audio was good but when I uploaded it to my YouTube it didn't seem that there was a voice over which is pretty odd because when I came back to Photos to check the voice over was there, how do I fix this?

  2. I'm getting a really weird problem with this. When I finish recording the video and put it into iMovie the mic audio is not there but the speaker audio is but when I play it back in the camera roll its fine. Does anyone know how to fix this?

  3. Babyyyy I like it !!! Really wanted to do this last year for a Pokemon Go Video.. Funny How a year later I don't want to now ha ha as always #Apple Thanks for the screen recorder what Jail broken devices could use for years … So thanks for the official way I could not do it due to no jail broken device.. But again for the future … #BabyILikeIt 😛

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