NEW How To JAILBREAK iOS 10 – 10.1.1 With extra_recipe beta4 On iPhone – iPad – iPod Touch

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NEW How To JAILBREAK iOS 10 – 10.1.1 With extra_recipe beta4 On iPhone – iPad – iPod Touch

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  1. Ok. So I have one question. Do I need to have jail broken with mach_portal to successfully jailbreak with extra recipe? iPhone 7 on IOS 10.1.1 and haven't jail broken yet. I attempted both mach_portal and extra recipe night before last with no success with either IPA please help. I am still under the impression I should use mach_portal successfully first then re-jailbreak with extra recipe? Or can I just use extra recipe by itself?

  2. UGH QUESTION/HELP: So I haven't used my iPhone 7 in a while.. I was going to use it again and rejailbreak tonight.. well I open up my impactor and MACH portal to jailbreak and it says, "You already have a current iOS Development certificate or a pending certificate request" This would be extender. Well I cant rejailbreak with Mach portal or this new method bc I guess extender is the pending request but I have to be jailbroken for it to work and I cant jailbreak = Is there a save for this without factory reseting? Cant delete extender either it wont let me.

  3. Im trying to use recipe but i don't see the messages you get like "failed, rebooting" or "jailbroken".. Mine either instantly crashes or i get the static black reboot. Never a message before

  4. Wait im confused when the phone failed it showed you having to enter a passcode lock upon boot and all the tutorials I have seen online say you need to first disable the passcode loack or fingerprint lock. How come you didn't do that?

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