NEW! How to Get Pokemon ROM Hack Games on your iOS Device! (NO COMPUTER) (NO JAILBREAK) GBA, GBC, GB

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  1. Also if u can can u try to make a patching app for gba games so if someone has extra rom hacks that arent on your website they cna patch it into a gba rom, also if it isnt in can u put pokemon sweet version?

  2. Is it still possible to download just the original roms? like Yellow, Gold, Emerald, ect. I don't necessarily want a modes game. but I can't find the original roms anywhere.

  3. This is a hack. When you click "Trust", you give some jap somewhere the access to your phone and all info on it…Happened to my friend. Why is this trust thing a part of Emulators now? On my iphone 4 that I had for 5 years, I never had to hit "Trust" on the emulator and the shit worked fine. When my buddy did this, he was unable to use various apps and his phone caught a virus.

    Find a better way.

  4. I downloaded light plantinum and I have gone far but now mine stopped working like I'm in a all pith black space I can't move no where n I can hear the sea in the back ground. Please help me I've gone so far

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