NEW How To Bypass Passcode On iOS 10/iOS 11! (2017 March Method)

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Hey guys! This video explains how to bypass the passcode in iOS 9.0.1 and iOS 9 WITHOUT passcode in under ONE minute! I hope you enjoy and please follow me @CurtisWj on Instagram!
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  1. This doesn't just work for Clocks ! You can also ask Siri about the weather, click on the weather's statics, get to the app, add a new location..Type in whatever then select it all and share it..Etc ! This also works for reminders ! But it's a one time use ! Afterwards, you're not going to be able to perform it…

  2. MUST READ: Guys, anyone who is seeing these comments about these ppl's 'hacking tools' are completely fake, and here's why…

    1. They all have generated names and no pics because their not ppl

    2. They spell words ļīķë ţhįş so their comment doesn't get taken down by YouTube.

    3. Look at the comments on them. No one has pics (see 1st) and if you look at a few, they have the same comments as other 'people'. Seem a bit fishy if u ask me.

    Sorry if u didn't understand it but these are scams and don't click the links. I only just found out how many views this video has and so many ppl would have scrolled past them and clicked them. Like so ppl see

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