More iPhone Tips & Tricks You Should Know (iPad/iPod Touch Compatible)

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Here are more of the best iPhone tips and tricks you should know and be using. iPhone camera tips to take amazing pictures every time. Simple productivity tips to help you use your iPhone like a pro

Original iPhone 6 & 6 Plus Tips & Tricks And Series

Notification Center Tutorial

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  1. Hey Dan,
    GREAT VIDEO !!!!
    I need to ask you about the stand. Is that an iphone stand? I asked about something to hold up my phone and they said that they did not have anything for them. Now I am considering the speakers, but I use my phone to watch TV shows on since I have no TV in my house.

    Another question, others seem to get amazing color from there iphones taking just regular shots … I just cant … the color is horrible !!! I am a novice photographer at heart too and it drives me totally nuts~!~ I shouldn't have to spend time trying to adjust colors but that really doesn't work either .. do you know what the issue may be ???

  2. Hey Dan! I have the IOS 8.4 and I cant figure out how to record a voice message in the text message app.  If I press on the camera like you show in one of the other vids, nothing happens, that little pop up doesn't come up. Same with the microphone, when I press on it, the only option is dictation but no voice record option. Can you please tell me what I'm doing wrong? Thank you!!

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