Mophie Fast Wireless Charger for your iPhone X

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In this video, we will take a look at Mophie Fast Wireless Charger for the iPhone X. We will see what’s in the box and how fast mophie can wirelessly charge your iPhone X.


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  1. 4 hrs. To charge ? Just got the ph. Today ran it completely out, just ran the lighting cable to it from wall charger and done in 1.5 hr. ..100% charged , I’ll skip the wireless for now 👍

  2. Happy New Year Saki! Would you recommend using this wireless charger with Android as well? I saving up for the Google Pixel 2 XL and would like to add wireless charging to it.

  3. Hey Saki. Love your vids. But….there’s no way I would consider this a fast charger if it took 3 hours to fully charge. They’re 😜. I have a wireless freebie from a Note 8 I returned and was able to keep charger, that charges to full capacity in 3 hours. I’m better off staying with that. Why they find the need to put the word “fast” on the box is beyond me. I mean I do get it, it’s a selling feature, but people will return for that reason alone. Thanks for all your great vids. Happy New Year.

  4. Inclusion is the theme of 21st century. Please don’t speak as if it’s only the iPhone X that’s capable of wireless charging. As an iPhone 8 user, I feel excluded and I am offended by this video. lol just kidding 😆

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